Weekly lawn cutting service is available from May until the end of September.  Pricing is based on the amount of grass to be cut and on how much trimming is involved.  Weekly cutting service can also be incorporated into a seasonal package to include spring services, fertilizing and weed control.  Whatever lawn services you require, we can provide.

Our cutting crew is experienced and extremely efficient.  Cutting pattern will be alternated each week, cut grass will be blown off sidewalks, and trimming will be provided with every cut. 

Gates will be closed and down spouts left in the position they were found.  Service is provided on the same day each week and our crew will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  

Our mower blades are sharpened regularly to provide the best cut possible.  To further ensure a great looking lawn we will cut each property at the most suitable length so that the grass remains healthy and lush.

Don't spend your summer struggling to get the grass cut, spend it doing something you enjoy.  Sit back and relax or go on vacation knowing we've got you covered.

Call today for a free estimate or send us a note on the "Contact Us" tab.