Picture Perfect Lawncare Inc. is certified and licensed by the Alberta Government to provide pesticide application services.  Our applicator is very knowledgeable and highly trained in the control of common broadleaf weeds in lawns and other weeds in areas such as gravel, concrete and alleyways.

Our lawn weed application will provide you with a full coverage spray to the entire surface area of your grass.  This ensures that every weed that is growing in your lawn, big or small, that is contacted by the herbicide will die.  We do not just spot spray the weeds that are visible to the applicator.

For best results and total control of weeds it is recommended to do one application in the spring and another late summer/early fall.


To ensure the safety of your family and pets, we will NEVER do any weed sprays without contacting you first and providing you with thorough instructions in regard to safety and watering.


If you have a problem with weeds on your property, give us a call to discuss your concerns and determine which form of treatment is most suitable for you.


* At this time we do NOT provide applictions to trees or shrubs. *



Don't take chances with the safety of your family, pets, and the environment.


If you hire a company (or individual) to provide weed control or insect control services, be sure they are professionally trained and know what they are doing.


Be sure to ask if they are certified and licensed to provide such services.



Pesticide applicators (anyone who provides weed control services) must pass a certification examination to become certified. They must have a thorough understanding of pesticide legislation, safety, calculations, terminology and pest management concepts.

Pesticide Applicator Certificates and Service Registration is required for anyone applying herbicides and insecticides.