It's Time To "GREEN UP"

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SPRING LAWN SERVICES consist of Core Aeration, Power Raking, Hand Raking, and Fertilizing. 


These services are essential in cleaning up the lawn after winter and preparing it for the intense growing season which begins in the spring.  They are beneficial to any lawn and will assist in achieving a healthy lawn by acting as a preventative measure in the reduction of disease.


We refer to these services as our Spring "Green Up" Package.  Customers may choose to have the complete package done or can pick and choose whichever services they feel are necessary from year to year.  A description of these services and why they are recommended, is outlined below.




WHY  should I  AERATE  my lawn in the spring?  


One of the most needed lawn maintenance activities for older lawns and those with heavy soils, is aeration. As lawns get older or experience heavy "foot" traffic, the soils get packed down.  This closes soil pores and makes it hard for air and water to get down to the grass roots.  The roots are therefor robbed of two very important elements for good growth: oxygen and water.  The aerator pulls out plugs of soil leaving holes in the lawn for air and water to enter.  The holes loosen up the soil so that the grass roots can move more easily through it and thicken in the process.  Raking up or removal of the plugs is NOT recommended as over time this will remove necessary soil and nutrients that are required for a healthy lawn.  When this service is done along with a power rake, the dirt lumps are broken up by the power rake and will be barely visible on the lawn.  The broken soil plugs will break down and return to the lawn's base. (see photo below)



 WHY  should I  POWERRAKE  my lawn in the spring? 


Thatch is a layer of dead stems, leaves, and roots of grass that builds up on the soil surface and under the green leaf area of grass.  A thick layer of thatch may prevent water from penetrating the soil, prevent proper soil aeration, and provide a breeding area for insects and disease. Heavy thatch buildup and reduced aeration of the soil also result in shallow root systems.  During the winter months grass goes into a dormant state.  Much of the last seasons grass blades are killed off by the sub zero temperatures and the accumulation of snow packs them down against the lawn's base.  In the spring once the snow melts we are left with a thick layer of this organic material known as thatch.  As the temperatures increase, new grass shoots try to reach the sun but have to struggle through the compact thatch.  If it is not removed the new growth will have difficulty growing through it.  When done properly by an experienced lawncare professionalpowerraking DOES NOT damage your lawn.  It does not pull out healthy grass - it only removes the thatch that lays on the top of the soil.  (see photo below)




WHY  should I  FERTILIZE  my lawn in the spring? 


Proper fertilizer use is one of the most important factors in maintaining a good lawn.  In the spring when your lawn "wakes up" from dormancy, it is hungry.  Hungry for the nutrients it needs to start growing again.  It needs nitrogen to promote growth, phosphorus to help root growth and potassium to promote cell function and absorption of trace elements. Regular fertilizer applications (especially one in the spring) will help to thicken the lawn and aid in choking out weed growth and diseases.  A well fed lawn is healthier, lush and green.



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