The condition of your lawn depends on the care it receives throughout the growing seasons.  A well-fed lawn is healthier and has a better root system which helps to combat heat, cold, drought, mowing, foot traffic and other stresses such as weeds and disease.  Plenty of water and regular fertilizer applications are necessary for a healthy green lawn.

We offer a four step Fertilization Program.  The first application is done in early spring along with our spring lawn services.  The second application is done in early summer and the third mid summer.  A fourth application is applied in the fall.  If you put your lawn on a regular feeding schedule, it will be healthier, lush and green.

All fertilizer that we apply is in granular form.



Do you have WEEDS in your lawn??  If so - we can help you.  

We are a Certified and Licensed Pesticide Applicator and can easily

get rid of those stubborn weeds for you!


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